Pasquale Cusumano


                                        Research Associate - PhD


                                        Dept. of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (DIEET), University of Palermo

                                        tel.    +39 091 661 5255

                                        fax +39 091 488452



                                        Teaching: Electronic Devices II


International research experience at:


Institute of Photonics, University of Strathclyde

Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Glasgow University


Research areas and main related publications



Organic semiconductors technology


-  S. Gambino, P. Cusumano, C. Calì: “Measurement of drift mobilities in amorphous organic films using the Time of Flight method”, Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 5464, pp. 280-291 (2004) .


-  P. Cusumano, F. Buttitta, A. Di Cristofalo, C. Calì: “Effect of Driving Method on the Degradation of Organic Light Emitting Diodes”, Synthetic Metals, Vol.139, pp. 657-661, (2003)


-  P. Cusumano, F. Buttitta, A. Di Cristofalo, M. Mosca, C. Calì: “Organic light emitting diodes fabricated by vacuum thin film deposition”, Proc. of  the 5th Symposium of European Vacuum Coaters, 30 sept.-2 Oct. 2002, Anzio (RM), Italy.




Thin film technology


- P. Cusumano, A. Mangione, G. Lullo and C. Arnone: “Fabrication of graded reflectivity micromirror arrays”, Applied Optics 41, p 143 (2002).


-  G. Lullo, C. G. Giaconia,  P. Cusumano, C. Arnone: “Micropatterned free-standing shadow masks for PVD applications”, Proc. of  the 5th Symposium of European Vacuum Coaters, 30 sept.-2 oct. 2002, Anzio (RM), Italy.



Semiconductor lasers


-  M. A. Holm, D. Burns, P. Cusumano, A. I. Ferguson, M. D. Dawson: “High-power diode-pumped AlGaAs surface emitting laser”, Applied Optics, Vol. 38, No. 27, pp. 5781-5784 (1999).


-  M. A. Holm, P. Cusumano, D. Burns, A. I. Ferguson, M. D. Dawson: "Mode-locked operation of a diode-pumped, external-cavity GaAs/AlGaAs surface emitting laser", Proc. of CLEO '99, Baltimore, USA, 23-28 May 1999, pp. 153 –154.


-  P. Cusumano, J. H. Marsh, M. J. Rose, J. S. Roberts: “High quality extended cavity ridge lasers fabricated by impurity-free vacancy diffusion with a novel masking technique",            SPIE - Milestone Series: “Selected Papers on Quantum Well Intermixing for Photonics”, Volume MS 145, E. Herbert Li editor, pp.490-492, (1998).


-  P. Cusumano, B. S. Ooi, A. Saher Helmy, S.G. Ayling, A. C. Bryce, J. H. Marsh, B. Voegele, M. J. Rose: "Suppression of quantum well intermixing in GaAs/AlGaAs laser structures using phosphorus-doped SiO2 encapsulant layer", J. of Applied Physics, Vol. 81, No.5, pp. 2445-2447 (1997).


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-  F. Chamacho, E. A. Avrutin, P. Cusumano, A. S. Helmy, A. C. Bryce, J. H. Marsh: “Improvements in mode-locked semiconductor diode lasers using monolithically integrated passive waveguides made by quantum well intermixing”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.9, No.9, pp.1208-1210, (1997).


-  P. Cusumano, S.G. Ayling, J.H. Marsh: "Monolithic extended cavity GaAs/AlGaAs lasers fabricated using impurity-free vacancy diffusion", Proc. of the 7th European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO '95), pp. 59-62, Delft, The Netherlands, 3-6 April 1995.



Integrated Optics


-  P. Cusumano, A. Saher Helmy, B. S. Ooi, R. M. De La Rue, A. C. Bryce, J. H. Marsh: "Impurity free vacancy disordering using phosphorus doped SiO2 and pure SiO2 caps", MRS Symp. Proc. Vol. 450, Infrared applications of semiconductors: materials, processing and devices, pp. 419-424 (1996).


-  J.H. Marsh, P.Cusumano, A.C. Bryce, B.S. Ooi, S.G. Ayling: "GaAs/AlGaAs photonic integrated-circuits fabricated using impurity-free vacancy disordering", Proc. SPIE Vol. 2401, pp.74-85, (1995).


-  P. Cusumano, T. Krauss, J.H. Marsh: "High extinction ratio GaAs/AlGaAs electroabsorption modulators integrated with passive waveguides using impurity-free vacancy diffusion", Electronics Letters, Vol.31, No.4, pp.315-317, (1995).


-  P.Cusumano, G.Lullo: "An example of Ti:LiNbO3 device fabrication: the Mach-Zehnder electrooptical modulator", in  Advances in Integrated Optics, Edited by S. Martellucci et al., Chapter 13, pp.207-212, Plenum Press, New York (1994).