Doctoral Program in Economics and Management
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa

Decision Theory, January 2011
Prof. Salvatore Modica

  • Expected Utility

    • deFinetti
    • von Neumann-Morgenstern
    • Intro to Savage
  • Elicitation of Preferences
  • Risk Aversion
  • Principal-Agent Model

    • Adverse Selection
    • Moral Hazard
  • Dynamic Moral Hazard, Renegotiation Proofness
  • Intro to other extentions

Main Reference Texts:  
  • Peter Wakker, "Prospect Theory", Cambridge University Press, 2009
  • Jean-Jacques Laffont and David Martimort, "The Theory of Incentives", Princeton University Press 2002
  • Patrick Bolton and Mathias Dewatripont, "Contract Theory", MIT Press 2005

References to papers and additional material (some of which found here) will be given in the course of lectures.