Paolo Monella Post-doc scholarship in Digital Humanities Accademia dei Lincei, Rome 2012

My talk at the 1st AIUCD meeting

AIUCD 2012

The talk Many witnesses, many layers: the digital scholarly edition of the Iudicium coci et pistoris iudice Vulcano by Vespa (Anth. Lat. 199 Riese) was delivered on 14 December 2012 at the first annual meeting of the AIUCD (Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale) in Italian, with the original title: Più testimoni, più livelli: l'edizione critica digitale del Iudicium coci et pistoris iudice Vulcano di Vespa (Anth. Lat. 199 Riese). This is the related material you can download:

These are the bibliographical details of the published version of the paper: