Romualdus Salernitanus Chronicon

An experimental scholarly digital edition of the Chronicon by Romualdus Salernitanus (XII Century), edited by Paolo Monella within the ALIM Project (work in progress). More documentation about the project will be published later.

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Sigla codicum

Siglum Codex Long/short version of the Chronicon Link Description and notes
A Vaticanus Latinus 3973 Short Zabbia 2004, 385. The Chronicon starts on page 21 of the online digital reproductions.
B Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Archivio di San Pietro, E 22 Long Zabbia 2004, 354 n. 24; Garufi, Praef. XXXII
C Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Latinus 4933 Long, Zabbia 2004, 385
Aa Ottobonianus Latinus 2940, 1st fragment Short, 1st fragment: folios 16r-18v = 168,5 - 188,1 of the reprint of Muratori ( Zabbia 2004, n. 27). Aa is Schwarz's siglum
D Ottobonianus Latinus 2940, 2nd fragment Long, 2nd fragment: folios 49r-67r = 184,10 - 271,11 of the reprint of Muratori ( Zabbia 2004, n. 28). D is Schwarz's siglum


Manuscript(s) Transcription layer(s) Link
A AL tab-msa-al.html
A GL tab-msa-gl.html
A GL, AL tab-msa-glal.html
B AL tab-msb-al.html
B GL tab-msb-gl.html
B GL, AL tab-msb-glal.html
C AL tab-msc-al.html
C GL tab-msc-gl.html
C GL, AL tab-msc-glal.html
A, B AL tab-msab-al.html
A, B GL tab-msab-gl.html
A, B GL, AL tab-msab-glal.html
B, C AL tab-msbc-al.html
B, C GL tab-msbc-gl.html
B, C GL, AL tab-msbc-glal.html
A, C AL tab-msac-al.html
A, C GL tab-msac-gl.html
A, C GL, AL tab-msac-glal.html
A, B, C AL tab-msabc-al.html
A, B, C GL tab-msabc-gl.html
A, B, C GL, AL tab-msabc-glal.html

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