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Mimic Program

Software designed to generate the graphical results illustrated in the paper "Lad, F., and Sanfilippo G., Predictive distributions that mimic frequencies over a restricted subdomain", submitted.

Coordinator of the Italian Team mimic app

Conditional probability

We shall write P(E|H) for the  probability 'of the event E conditional on the event H' (or even the probability  'of the conditional event E|H'), which is the probability that You attribute to E if You think that in addition to your present information, i.e. the H_0 which we understand implicitly, it will become known to You that H is true (and nothing else). In order to extend the notions and rules of the calculus of probability to this new case, it is necessary to strengthen the condition of coherence by saying that the evaluations conditional on H must turn out to be coherent conditional on H (i.e. under the hypothesis that H turns out to be true).
(B. de Finetti, 1970). ".


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