Scientific interests


As for my main interests, you can find a short list below:

Operator algebras and applications

Semigroup Theory and applications

Wavelets theory and applications

Stochastic limit and applications

Non-standard analysis and applications

Functional analysis methods in physics

while, if you are interested in my CV [ita/ing], you can find it here. Here you find a list of my publications [ita/ing], while here you get a list of my active collaborations.

Many reprints can be downloaded from the ArXiv just clicking here.

In december 2012 my book, Quantum dynamics for classical systems, has been published by Wiley Ed. This is the link

In august 2015 my last book, Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects, which I edited together with J.P. Gazeau, F. Szafraniek and M. Znojil, has been published also by Wiley Ed. This is the link

In may 2015, in Palermo, a conference on PT-quantum mechanics and related topics has taken place. This is the link with some information related to the Proceedings I edited together with R. Passante and C. Trapani

In november 2016 I have co-organized a conference on Coherent States in Marseille. This is the link

These are the covers of my books.

Some of my talks are found here. This is a link to my Scirus topic page on operator algebras and physical applications. This is the link to the movies on migration and competition between species.

Here you can download an interview by Fabio Calabrese to S.T. Ali and J.-P. Gazeau, concerning the history of coherent states and their applications to quantum mechanics: [pt.1][pt.2][pt.3]


If you click here, you go to the electronic library of the Math Dept., with its own links to many journals (e.g. to the Caspur web site).

You can go  to some preprints web sites frome here [Sissa], here [Lanl] and here [Mp_arc]. 

If you are interested in books online, you can follow these links: [Ams1], [Ams2], [Pavia], [4], [5] or [6].


This is the Mathematical Physics people at the Università di Palermo.

These are the students currently preparing their thesis under my supervision:

Daniele Volpe (First degree student)


These are some of my former students: Fabio Calabrese, Salvatore Restivo, Vito Paternò, Giovanni Cialdino, Pietro Ferraro, Giuseppe Pantano, Marco Cinà, Margherita Lattuca, Daniele Volpe, Giuseppe Alicata


This is a link to a self-made formulary containing trivial and less trivial formulas. Please, consider that mistakes always appear!!



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