The purpose of the GIREP-MPTL 2014 International Conference is to bring together people working in physics educational research and in physics education at all school levels from the whole world to enable them to share research results and exchange their experience. The International Scientific Committee invites both empirical and theoretical proposals for:
  1. Oral Presentations Sessions;
  2. Posters Presentation Sessions;
  3. Workshops;
  4. Symposia
  1. Oral Presentation Sessions
    This presentation format allows for 20 minutes of individual presentation time followed by a 4 minute discussion moderated by the session chairperson. Five Oral Presentations will be thematically grouped together and scheduled in a session of 120 minutes.
  2. Posters Presentation Sessions
    Dedicated poster sessions will be scheduled in the conference program. Each poster presentation will include a graphic presentation on visual display of size A0 (0,841m x 1,189m) in "portrait" format. Posters will also be thematically grouped and presented during the designated poster sessions. In each of these sessions there will be about 10 posters. Each session is organized into two parts :
    • A brief oral presentations with Power Point slides, of 3 minutes for each poster, is given to an audience gathered as a group and coordinated by a Chairperson.
    • After all the authors gave their brief presentations, an in-depth discussion between them and the audience follows in the area of the poster displays, outside the room. Poster sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes, during which the brief presentations and the poster-centered discussions take place. Poster Sessions are scheduled on Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 morning (11,30 -12,45 ). Each poster board has a number. Please make sure you put your poster on the board assigned to you. The board number of your poster can be found in the Session Schedule. The posters can be displayed for all the afternoon. Please make sure to take down your poster by the end of the day as on the next day there will be a new set of posters. Papers related to poster presentations are eligible for inclusion in the conference proceedings and the book of selected papers. Instructions for paper preparation are the same as those of Oral Presentations.
    The poster sessions offer more opportunities for interaction and discussion.
  3. Workshops
    Workshops enable presenters to display, explain and familiarize users with an innovative approach, a teaching or research tool, or some other aspect of research or teaching practices. The Workshop may include a brief presentation of completed research, but the emphasis is on demonstrating an innovation or a tool. Adequate time for reflective discussion is important. These sessions are scheduled for 120 minutes.
  4. Symposia
    A Symposium is a collection of related papers which examine a topic more broadly and deeply from various points of view. A chairperson (the lead person for organizing the symposium) and 1 discussant are needed for putting together a symposium proposal. Each symposium will contain four individually conducted but closely related studies. The symposium participants must be from at least 3 countries.
    Each symposium session will be given a 120-minute block of time in the program: 20 minutes for each presentation, 5 minutes for the discussant, and a total of 25 minutes allocated for discussions.
    The symposium proposal will be submitted by the chairperson that will present the title and the four single abstract (each in the limits 400 - 600 words).

The official language of the conference is English.