Aesthetica Preprint, 37 (April 1993)

Emilio Mattioli, Contributions to the theory of literary translation

The volume is a collection of contributions to the theory of literary translation based on the phenomenological method. "Literary translation" compares some of the most important contemporary theories on the subject. "The author-translator relationship. Some considerations and a example" analyses the relationship between Gide and Rilke, both translators and authors. "Translation and ambiguity" analyses the problem of translating's ambiguity regarded as an aesthetic category. "Translation in the works of Vives: a rhetorical-philosophical problem" analyses the relationship between Bruni and Vives, which was the subject matter of an important discussion between Coseriu and Folena, and suggests to regard Bruni as the first modern theorist in literary translation and Vives as the first modern theorist in differentiated typologies. "Translation of the classics" examines some contemporary suggestions on the subject, once again underlining the importance of the concept intertextuality-mimesis-imitatio in this specific kind of translation. "Translation and tradition" puts the emphasis on the relationship between translation and tradition as a favourite field for the dialectical game between preservation and innovation.
All these contributions tend to give a specific recognition and position to the problem of literary translation within the wider field of translation practice.