Aesthetica Preprint, 100 (December 2015)

Luigi Russo (ed.): In Memory of Lucia Pizzo Russo

This volume collects the contributions presented at the conference day in Memory of Lucia Pizzo Russo, which was organised for the first anniversary of the day she passed away in Palermo on the 11th September 2015 by the International Centre for the Study of Aesthetics in collaboration with the University of Palermo and the Italian Society for Aesthetics: Carmelo Calì (The Science of Mind through the Arts), Francesco Paolo Campione (Lucia Pizzo Russo and Giovan Francesco Caroto on the statute of Children's Drawings), Paolo D'Angelo (Lucia Pizzo Russo's Objections to Neuroaesthetics), Fabrizio Desideri ("The Image of Pictures". Lucia Pizzo Russo: from the Psychology of Arts to a New Conception of the Aesthetics), Giuseppe Di Giacomo (Lucia Pizzo Russo on Pictures and "Seeing As"), Roberto Diodato (Thinking Sense. In Memory of Lucia Pizzo Russo), Silvia Ferretti (Lucia Pizzo Russo as a Gombrich Reader), Carlo Maria Fossaluzza (In dear Memory of Lucia Pizzo Russo), Elio Franzini (Psychology, Psychology of Art and Phenomenology), Giovanni Lombardo (I Feel what You "don't" Know. A Digression about Empathy), Giovanni Matteucci (Perception as Act and Practice), Maria Barbara Ponti (Expressivity, Perception and Images in the Thought of Lucia Pizzo Russo), Giuseppe Pucci (Lùcia and I. In Memory of the Scholar and the Friend), Baldine Saint Girons (The Look Cast. A Reflection on the photographic Empathy), Salvatore Tedesco ("Intellect in Matters of The Soul". Remarks on the Relationship between Science, Experience and Art in the Work of Lucia Pizzo Russo), Stefano Velotti (The Body of the Indiscernibles and Danto's Dissonances).