Aesthetica Preprint, 58 (March 2000)

Rethinking Aesthetics

Toward the end of 1999, a National Research Group on the topic "Rethinking Aesthetics" (Ripensare l'Estetica) was formed, under the sponsorship of the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research (Murst). Most Italian specialists of aesthetics (i.e., 72 scholars and 11 local research groups) joined the national association. The present volume collects the programmatic papers that were presented at the founding seminar organized in Palermo by the International Study Center on Aesthetics (October 29-30, 1999).

In the introduction, entitled "Rethinking Aesthetics", the scientific coordinator, Luigi Russo, illustrates the general aims of the research project. The goal of the National Research Group is to articulate a comprehensive redefinition of the discipline of aesthetics, both from a theoretical point of view, as well as through historiographic investigations of the heterogeneous approaches and different traditions that have enriched the study of aesthetics in the West. Such redefinition also aims at rethinking the new issues that are being raised by modernity.
In the essays included in the volume, the scientific coordinators of the various local groups focus on their respective research topics: Roberto Salizzoni, "The Society of Communication: Ethics, Aesthetics, Anthropology"; Maurizio Ferraris, "Aesthetics, Ontology, and the Phenomenology of Perception in the Phisolophical Tradition"; Mauro Carbone, "Phenomenology of the Aesthetic Originary"; Emilio Mattioli, "Aesthetics and Art"; Leonardo Amoroso, "Ratio and Aesthetica"; Paolo Bagni, "Between Language and the World: Phenomenology of Aesthetic Ideas"; Gianni Carchia, "Toward a Philosophy of Landscape"; Pietro Montani, "Aesthetics and Practical Philosophy"; Maria Barbara Ponti, "Phenomenology of the Aesthetic"; Paolo D'Angelo, "Rethinking Landscape"; Lucia Pizzo Russo, "The Aesthetic Constellation".